LAPASIÓN Mixed basket with Aragon Fruits + Liqueur Guindas + Orange Wedges candied with chocolate



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Stes and gifts. Mixed basket with Aragón fruits, liqueur cherries and chocolate-candied orange wedges. Ideal for gifts. Superior Quality Products.

Lote Gourmet LAPASION of Superior Quality, composed of:

  • 1 bag of Guindas to 180 g.
  • liqueur

Inureds to bañ liqueur; The product is obtained by confiting cherries, macerated with liquor, and then given a chocolate bañ ado. Sweet taste típico, smell and tí texture;picos of fruit to chocolate liqueur. Individually wrapped product.

  • 1 bag of Aragón 200g.

Frutas de Aragón bañadas with chocolate. Delicious portions of candied fruit (apple, pear, melocotón, pumpkin, orange and cherry) and bañadas in chocolate topping. Sweet típico de Aragón.

  • 1 bag of Leticias (chocolate candied orange wedges) from 200g.

Leticias (orange wedges candied with chocolate). The product is obtained by confiting orange discs, and then given a chocolate bañ ado. Sweet taste típico. Smell and texture típicos of fruit candied with chocolate. Individually wrapped product.

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