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La Perleta

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Azahar's honey in a 1 Kg.

Azahar honey, a powerful natural medicine

Azahar honey is the queen of aromatic and #225;tica honeys for their organolépticas properties

Hoy we will stop to know the characteristicsísticas of a food that, apart from sweetening all kinds of dishes, both salty and sweet, for both first and main dishes and desserts has important benefits for our body: orange blossom honey.

Perfume aromático: orange blossom honey está made by bees from the flowers of the cítricos: orange, lemon, árbol of mandarins.

The bees transform the néctar of está scented flower into an aromatic honey ática, light color ámbar and yellowish hues that when crystallized tends to the color white.

It has a sweet and penetrating flavorón and at the same time soft character of the characteristicístico perfume aromático and penetrating that reminds us of spring.

¿Cuáles are the benefits for our body of consumption of orange blossom honey?

1. Natural tranquilizer: It is ideal for periods of estrés because the orange blossom and therefore honey has sedative effects. Its consumption is á recommended for nervous people.

2. Helps reconcile a sueño repairer: It is advisable to take two tablespoons of orange blossom honey half an hour before bedtime because it helps us to have sueños.

Bueno for all ages

3. Reduces anxiety: Orange blossom honey is a natural remedy that helps us calm down without using químicos.

A tablespoon all días in periods of más activity is ideal. If we feel more #225;s we can increase dosages without worrying about side effects.

4. Powerful antioxidant: Taking orange blossom honey helpá protect us against daño from free radicals and its usual use may decrease the risk of crónicas.

Contains quercetin, galantamine, naringenin and isorhamnetin, antioxidants with anti-inflammatory and anti-alérgico effects that are beneficial to our body.

Refur the immuneógico system

5. Actúa against cramps: Relaxes the very stressed músculos after #233;s having exercised by taking a teaspoon of orange blossom honey.

6. Protects the estódelicate wizards: It does not irritate the mucous membranes of the estómagician and is a natural antispasmódico natural.

7. Prevents colds: A glass of milk with honey helps us fight colds, dry cough and throat irritations.

The recipe for our grandmothers. Añade lime juiceón and thyme #243;n to enhance its effects.

8. It has antibacterial properties: For the healing of burns apply #243 a thin layer on the skin dañada.

Beneficial enzymes

Azahar honey has invertase enzymes. When we take a tablespoon of honey the properties of the product are absorbed quickly and, therefore, its benefits come to our body sooner.

Honey is a delicate product. To keep its qualities intact you should always keep it in a dry place and away from sunlight,

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