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The dátiles are the fruit of a variety of palm trees, which in the úlast time has gained popularity due to their use in replacement of azúfree cares or añadidos. Below we #243 its properties, benefits and cómo use it in the kitchen.

Properties of dátiles

The dátiles are a fruit of low aqueous content, so it is said to be a naturally dehydrated food. It concentrates its carbohydrate content as it has about 65% inside and also #233;n, it is a great source of fiber (approximately 8 grams per 100 grams).

Sus carbohydrates are acompañados of vitamins and various minerals among which stands out calcium, potassium, magnesium and B vitamins, especially áfólico acid, highlighting the presence of áoleic acid as

The dátiles are also and #225;s holders of compounds such as carotenes and polyphenols, especially flavonoids, which give this fruit antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Beneficios de los dátiles

The dátiles are especially útiles to eat más healthy because it can be used as a natural sweetener for many preparations. However, its richness in fiber #233 can also be useful against stress #237 #241;imiento and in athletes its consumption may be #237;a very good source of energyía concentrada.

Asimism, due to its large amount of fiber, the dátiles podrían have prebiótico effect and improve intestinal flora, being especially útiles for colon health by improving the compositicón of the microbiota and also #233;n, by acting as an antiproliferative of cécolon cáncer lulas.

Cómo use dátiles in the kitchen

Al cooking time, dátiles are especially útiles to replace azúfree cares or añadidos and sweeten preparations healthily, because although it is a concentrate in glucose and fructose, these are accompanied by a lot #241 of fiber and a mínimo of proteínas that reduce its índice glucémico and reach más slowly to the body in the form of energyía.

Así, with dátiles we can sweeten some chocolates, #225 a dessert, oat bars, a brownie or truffles, among many other sweet recipes más that dispense with the addition of azúcar table, honey, syrups or other azúcares few recommended.

Ally, we can consume the dátiles as such, always removing their seed, as a healthy snack between hours, ideal to soothe the cravings for sweets.

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