La Orza de Valderromero Pack 3 jars of 1 kg - Eucalyptus Honey, Forest and Fold

La Orza de Valderromero

Jesús Donoso

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This pack contains:
  • A glass jar of 1 kg eucalyptus honey "La Orza de Valderromero": translucent, dark amber, aromática with a strong flavor and specichífico.
  • A 1 kg forest honey crystal jar "La Orza de Valderromero": holm oaks, oaks, pines, etc. High content of mineral salts. Opaque honey, dark ámbar, intense smell and strong flavor.
  • A 1 kg splieg honey crystal jar "La Orza de Valderromero": translucent honey, color ádark mbar, smell and aromásplendour aesthetic
*España product.

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