La Industria Handmade Denim Rolling Tobacco Cigarette Case

La Industria Handmade

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The Industry's rolling tobacco cigarettes are the ultimate smoking accessory. With them you can store everything you need to bundle your cigarettes in the same place

Inrodduces the open tobacco package in the zipped pocket to easily access it and keep it fresh longer. You can also store filters, paper and lighter thanks to its 3 extra compartments.

Sothe the model you like the most from the many available and forget about losing your lighter again or searching all your pockets for filters.

Principal Features:

  • Made by hand with care and spending the necessary time until each is well built and using only high quality materials
  • .
  • Compactor and elegant design. Quick access to everything you need to
  • Perfect time for all packs of 30-35 g.
  • light and easy to carry in a pocket, bag or backpack.


  • Afunda open: 16 x 18 cm.
  • Closedfund: 16 x 9 cm.

Cleanup Instructions:

  • Lay in a washing machine or by hand (always cold), avoiding mixing with white clothing.

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