La Industria Handmade Maki liar tobacco case

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100% cotton fabric shoulderón with Japaneseés print for tobacco and accessories.

The Industry's rolling tobacco cigarettes are the ultimate smoking accessory. With them you can #225 keep everything you need to bundle your cigarettes in the same place.

Inrodduces the open tobacco package in the zipped pocket to #225 easily access él and keep it cool moreás time. In additionás you #225 can store filters, paper and lighter thanks to its 3 extra compartments.

Cooge the model you #225 like from among the many available and forgetístop losing your lighter or s-searching all your pockets for filters.

Principal #237&

  • Made by hand with cariño and spending the necessary time until you get each one to be #233; well built and using úonly high quality materials.
  • Diseño compact and elegant. Rá access;I ask for everything you need to
  • Taskñor perfect for all 30-35 g.
  • Light and #225 easy to carry in a pocket, bag or backpack.


  • Afunda open: 16 x 18 cm. 
  • Closedfund: 16 x 9 cm.

The fabric print may vary slightly from product to product.

Cleanup Instructions:

  • Lay in a washing machine or by hand (always in frío), avoiding mixing with white clothes.

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