La Imperfecta Organic pomegranate juice. Category "Premium". 225ml bottle

La Imperfecta

La Imperfecta

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¡The perfect amount! Grenada and nothing more #225;s. 100% fruit in a size ño ideal to enjoy at any time.

For each 220 ml bottle of juice “The Imperfecta” almost one kilo of certified ecológicas grenades has been squeezed, the largestía of “The Imperfecta” (Mollar) that give it flavor, silkiness and sweetness and a smallña proportion #243 of the Wonderful variety that prints to our juice structure and that garnet color so attractive of fresh pomegranates. And it no longer carries anything más, NOTHING OF NOTHING, no water, no azúcar because the one it contains is that of the grenade itself,

With these two varieties - the “ideal match”- for this catechgor juiceía “PREMIUM QUALITY”, we make #225 more accessible the consumption of natural and pure pomegranate throughout the año for those who enjoy it and do not sórestrict it to fresco in otoñal.

  • A juice without alérgens, preservatives, dyes and no stabilizers,

  • Apt for people atérgicas to gluten and highly appreciated by those who like the taste of this healthy así as by vegetarian@s and vegan@s.

  • Período of consumption: An año from its packaging.

  • For its preparation #243;n, as natural as #225 possible: The bottle should be shaken before consuming.

  • Conservationón and maintenance: Store in a cool place without direct light. It does not require #237;fico before consumption.

  • Ampable meals: At any time in the día, this bottle is perfect for breakfast or snack or a satiating and healthy paréntesis between meals.

  • Important: All the healthy properties of pomegranate are #225;n spread between grains, white membranes and on their skin, for that reasonón the juice is made transformándolas whole so that all its goodness ends up in the bottle.

  • Elaboración: After washing and hygiene #243;n, we open the grenades manually, because, on the outside, they can be as imperfect as you want but, inside, they must be perfect and, above all, be healthy. The chosen ones move to a unique pressing system that takes advantage of the beneficial substances that the bark of the pomegranate has and that gives the juice that “touch” of natural astringency. Finally, natural decantación in frío, soft pasteurización, bottling and labeling.

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