Koru Espirulina Spirulina in strands - Boat 100 g

Koru Espirulina

Koru Espirulina

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Spirulina grown in the best natural environment, with pure spring water.

  • Sin any #250;n type of additive and free of pesticides and herbicides, i.e. 100% spirulina.

  • We do a gentle low temperature drying (40-45ºC) to preserve intact the excellent nutritional qualities of spirulina.

  • Además, its innovative strand format opens up a world of culinary possibilities in our cooking recipes. This #243 presentation format is innovative in España and allows us to move away from the conventional format of spirulina in tablets, cápsulas or powders allowing it to be used in a more #225;s active way in our kitchen.

  • Spirulina strands can be integrated into our daily kitchen in salads, rice, juices, smoothies, yogurts and any stew. To maintain its properties we recommend not cooking the spirulina and añadd it on the plate before eating.

  • The pack contains 100 g of dry spirulina in strands.

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