Kavekanem Blue leather and washed cotton backpack.



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m that women's backpack is blue, handmade with beef leather and with somethingón washed.
It is a bag-shaped backpack, zipped at the top and secured with a nice musketón metálico color níquel. It is a large bag, ideal for traveling both for its capacity and for the safety of its closures. It has a sizeñor ideal for not being excessively heavy.
Disupposes two large leather pockets, zipped and another integrated pocket on the back also #233 closed with a .
The main pockets, backpack base, straps and fasteners are #225;n made of beef leather. The straps are double-bodied leather and can be adjusted length by means of a buckle. It has a smallñor leather pin on top to be able to hang the backpack and facilitate its transport.
The lining is made of 100% #243 cotton and has an integrated closed pocket with zipper.
For the perfect #243 preservation of the skin rub with a pañor cottonón dry. This model belongs to a limited designó #241 and made by us this model.
Dimensions: 32x28x13cm

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