Juan Francisco Obrador Natural cork insoles

Juan Francisco Obrador

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Cork insoles are a natural product and give stability and balance when walking providing greater safety.

Aíslan from the cold - the best natural insulation in the world is cork - protecting you from colds and providing you with a pleasant feeling of comfort and well-being.

they avoid the bad smell of your shoes, since they have antibacterial treatment.

In case you have bought some slightly large shoes, you can solve the problem by putting some templates.

Significantly reduce tiredness if you have to stand for many hours for your work.

Transform any of your shoes into super comfortable shoes and you will also get them to last longer. Although most of us probably never think about it, our feet and health are an extremely important aspect of our body. We all also know how much shoes can stink when you don't wear socks, but sometimes socks are uncomfortable. Luckily for us, it changes everything about how we use our shoes.

Cork insoles are made of natural cork and this has a variety of benefits. Cork has a honeycomb-shaped cell structure that contains a substance called Suberina and this is excellent because Suberina has the ability to naturally repel bacteria and fungi. Because Suberina is a waxy substance, the insoles naturally absorb sweat, while the cork grains your open cells absorb steam inside the shoes, effectively eliminating any odor.

These insoles provide cushioning and comfort throughout the day. Cork is used to absorb shocks and reduce foot pressure. 88% of cork volume is air. They are aero elasticity; shock absorber, memory. The cork has the ability to recover the initial volume after suffering a deformation. They avoid injury by improving grip and cushioning the impact when playing sport, distributing body weight evenly and balancing back and hip.

"Many people often spend long hours on their feet at work especially in the construction, hospitality or even hospital sectors. And when this happens, using good templates becomes something necessary so that the muscles and tendons do not end up suffering. Let's not forget that most of us spend 60% of life standing.

>Cork insoles produce micromassage, acupressure, they are made, so that cork particles are irregularly shaped as they are cut with stone mills. Then we hand-join the grains not using pressure.

The production of cork does not imply the death of a tree. Instead the bark is removed every 9 years.

The templates are 100% flexible and very resistant.

Reversible, antibacterial- antimoho. Easily trimmed, only on top, with scissors to the desired exact size

The cork lets the foot sweat.

A small piece of cork 1 cm3 contains 40 million air cells. The high flexibility of flexible cell membranes and cork are excellent for the development of templates.

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