Integral Agraria M3 Natural Kumquats

Integral Agraria M3

Integral Agraria M3

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The kumquat is an exótica fruit, has thick and slightly rough skin, which is edible. It's orange. Inside it contains some nugget.

Es tamaño is smallño, between 2 and 4 centímeters. The shape is elongated by the poles, nothing to do with the rest of the cítricos.

It can be considered to have two distinct flavors. On the skin it has a very sweet taste and gives off a lot of aroma. In pula is quite the opposite, it has a bitter and sweet taste,

The élittle collection #243;n is quite wide, having little juice withstands quite well the passage of time. During the months of November and February the fruit is ready for harvest,

The kumquat is known as Chinese orange, dwarf orange or quinoto. It is native to Asia and is cultivated in Japón, China, Australia, Florida (USA) and España.

The kumquat is a very versátil fruit that can be used for therapeuticéutic and gastronómicos purposes. Its energético value is high and vitamin C, áfólico acid and minerals such as potassium, magnesium and calcium abound, although éste último is hardly absorbed by the body.

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