Tronyx Mounted Tronyx X5SA 3D printer


600 €

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Tronxy X5SA is a 3D printer that stands out for having balanced specifications according to the price you ask for it. With a #243 manufacture in good quality materials (#225,licos frames), including LCD screen #243 for handling and several advanced options to work in the most #225 way #243, your purchase is more #225 than recommended.

Professional 3Dprinter with a áprint areaón up to 330x330x400 mm.


Facil handling and high quality results. It has a 3.5" LCD screen, #243 print #243 in case of #237 power failure, #243 protection plate and hot bed up to 120 degrees.

The price includes assembly, calibration#243;n, 1 roll of 1Kg pla filament and 1 hour of training #243 básica so you can start printing from the moment of purchase.

Content of the training #243:
  • Function and handling básico of the printer
  • #243
  • Printer maintenance
  • Installation,#243 #243 configuration and use #225 of healing software
  • Printó

Characterísticas Técnicas: 

Tamaño impresióo: 330 x 330 x 400 mm.
Let power: 110 V/220 V.
Ex output power: 360 W.
#243 precisión positioning: X/Y0.0125 mm, Z0.02 mm.
Impresi speedón: 20-100 mm/s.
Méall of conexión: USB interface. SD.
Tamaño nozzle card: 0.4 mm.
Hast bed temperature: máx. 120 °C.
Zzle temperature: máx. 275 °C.
Printing materialsón: PLA, ABS. HIPS. WOOD. PC.PVC.

Ethical temperature: 8-40 °C.
Printerón: 0.1 mm-0.4 mm optional
Evaluary humidity: 20-80%.
Mámachine material: aluminium and sheet metálica.
Saling software: TRONXY.
. File format: G-code compatible marlin
Operating software: Repeat-Host. Cure

Stop system: WinXP/Win7/MacOS.
Printing#243#243 resumption of #243 power failures: included.
Screen: 3.5""5"#225 full-color display.
#225 level: incl.
Filament detector: included.

Dimensions: 658 x 580 x 639 mm.

Certificates: CE and FCC.

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