Ilda's Town Beer Wooden briefcase Selection 6 75 cl Ilda's beers

Ilda's Town Beer

Ilda's Town Beer

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Selection of 6 beers (75 cl) PREMIUM in noble wood case. A good gift for beer lovers. Includes data sheet of each of the beers that make up it.

Hardwood briefcase with a selection of 6 75 cl:

  • 1 bottle of ROS Pilsner Beer

  • 1 bottle of MAT Weissbier Beer (wheat)

  • 1 bottle of CLOT IPA Beer

  • 1 bottle of TORR Dubbel Beer

  • 1 bottle of FUM Smoked Beer (smoked)

  • 1 bottle of SANTA HILDEGARDA Doppelbock Beer (Christmas Beer or Winter Beer).

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