Hermanillas 250 Organic, Raw, Artisan Honey, from Flores Hermanillas



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Mel Hermanillas is: Organic, Raw, Handmade Honey, Hermanillas Flowers packed by the Beekeeper

We collect honey in Los Alcornocales Natural Park, Cádiz, Andalusia and it is packed with all the guarantees of quality and traceability.

Similarly, we make this honey in a traditional way throughout its process, as well as in its packaging, we take care to preserve all its vitamins, nutrients, minerals and antioxidant and antibacterial properties. Therefore, indicated to prevent and treat infectious processes of the respiratory tract. In this way, it helps to reduce the symptoms of colds thanks to its natural antiviral effect.

Similarly, we apply scientific tests to our organic honey, raw and unpasteurized in approved laboratory to ensure the quality of all our products. In this way, we carry out tests of authenticity and quality of honey, from its beginning to the finishing phase of the product. Finally we get the best quality honey, collected and packed manually.

Tasting of Organic Honey Mil Flowers Hermanillas:

From yellow to intense copper tones.

However we love its exquisite and balanced floral aroma and the taste is juicy, exquisite, a delight to the palate.

Because it is a raw honey, without any additive its consistency is dense to creamy, it is packed in glass containers, it is normal to crystallize due to changes in ambient temperature, this is due to its purity. If you prefer to consume in liquid form, you can heat slowly in a water bath without exceeding 35º.

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