Hacienda Zorita Iberian Bellota Ham 50% Iberian Race Whole Piece

Hacienda Zorita

Hacienda Zorita

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Our 50% Iberian acorn pigs reach 18 and even 20 months of age.

  • In addition in half a year to the Iberian pigs normally used in that category and that is what allows them to have a double mountaineer.
  • Therefore, they achieve this complete muscle and bone development, always in the pasture, running in freedom and feeding on the extraordinary acorns of holm oaks and cork oaks.
  • So, fatten or replenish up to 70 kg.
  • From these pigs come our hams of acorn 50% Iberian with a minimum 36 months of healing, always in our dryers and natural wineries of Hacienda Zorita Organic Farm.

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