Hacienda Zorita 100% Iberian Bellota Ham Whole Piece

Hacienda Zorita

Hacienda Zorita

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This Jamón in the jewel of the crown. It is #225; made of 100% ibé rich pork and has 48 months of healing #243 in our dryer: Hacienda Zorita Organic Farm

  • Stone made with the hind limb of 100% ibérich pigs selected from birth and raised in freedom with an exquisite feed #243;n based on pastures, cereals and acorns.
  • It cures #243 between 34 and 48 months under the único microclimate of our Hacienda Zorita Organic Farm natural dryer, which guarantees its exciting and intense así flavor as its tempting and unmistakable aroma. Very fine and long bone. With a careful and fine profiling,
  • To the cut presents an attractive cherry red color, good infiltración, veining and a característico brightness according to its high quality. Product that cannot be renounced within a healthy and balanced diet.
  • Black Seal,
  • Producción limited

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