Eriste Atelier Automatic photo strap

Eriste Atelier


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Sp leather work for cámara especially cófashion for walking and moving.

This strap is #225; equipped with a special piece that allows the extraction #243 of the cámara in a ráorder and safe manner.

The #225 automatic system unlocks pressureá with the cámara.

The cámara is attached to the device by a shoe (included) that is placed on the thread for the trípode.

The main advantage of this strap, compared to the traditional straps for cámaras, is that the cámara is much more fastened, controlling its movement when walking.

The second advantage is that the cervicals are released from load, without having to make #250 any movement with the strap to take photographyías the cámara is completely free.

Tan sóattached it to the strap by a small #241 safety leather tape that slides along the strap and prevents its accidental caí da. The safety leather tape can be released fully #225 by a small #241;or musketón.

  • Más freedom of movement.
  • Downloads the cervicals, releasing weight to the neck,
  • Más security and #243;n.
  • Soper locking and unlocking system#225;cámara.
  • Handmade in our workshop in the Pyrenees.
  • National curtición vegetable shed lifeline.
  • Available black or marrón.

*Special sizes or other indí customizations;que que través of email and we will contact the seller to communicate


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