Embutidos El Capellán 100% Iberian Camp Bait Ham - Part 7.5 - 8 kg

Embutidos El Capellán

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The Jamón of Cebo Campo comes from iberian pigs;#233 rich bred in the countryside with a #243 food of pastures, cereals and natural feed. Raised in full freedom in our Dehesas in the Natural Park of the Sierra Morena de Sevilla, in Constantina, area of very high slopes and highlighting the absence of flat surface, in this way our pigs, in search of food and water, exercise getting that jamón and products of antaño.

  • Jamón Certified by: ICC IB-527/67, according to #250 the Ibérich pork quality standard 2014.
  • Presentación: whole piece weighing between 7.5 and 8 kg.

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