DeSpelta Eco legumes, chickpeas and lentils - Pack 3x1kg



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e eco legume pack including: 

  • Gedinelens of special flavor and texture, a pack of 1 kg.
  • stegeins, a delicacy, a pack of 1 kg,
  • sysillanosgarzos, provide the broth #225 with the best of flavors, a pack of 1 kg.

As we are ecol farmersógicos we use crop rotation#243 as how to provide the soil with the nutrients we need. Legumes collect nitrógeno atmosférich and leave it in their #237 roots; ces, bringing it to the ground


ItéAragonés ecológico Product Certified by the Comité Aragonés of Ecológica Agriculture. 
(CAAE is a certified entity authorized at the European Unionó)

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