Cerveza Tyris Tyris Amor Amargo American IPA- 12 bottles 33 cl

Cerveza Tyris

Cerveza Tyris

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The sale of alcohol to children under 18 toñare #225; prohibited.

Responsible consumption is recommended.

12-bottle box of Tyris Amor Amargo.

're an American Indian Pale Ale beer. The IPAs were crafted to survive England's journey to India. The style was exported in the déeach of the 2000s to the American craft beer world, following the introduction #243;n of the first artisan blonde beers on the market.

Amor bitter is very aromatic;#225;tica, the use of Ló #250;#250;pulos provides a fresh and cítrico aroma and flavor with notes of stone fruit and tropical (melocotón and mango). It is the most #225;s bitter beer of our house but it is used by #243 caramelized malts and alcohóI eatúan the #243;n and balance the drink. The medium body and its creaminess make it a short drink beer, so we #225;s we will taste the nuances and appreciate its complexity


Moment Bitter Love: On the terrace of #233 a día busy, by the fireplace enjoyedándola alone or in #241;ía of friends and /or family. AccompanyñI'm going to go to spicy, consistent meals, cured cheeses, cold cuts…

  • Style: American IPA.
  • Quantity per bottle: 33 cl.
  • Alcohol: 7.0% vol.

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