Castiza Thyme Honey Pack - Thyme Fan- 3 x 500 g


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Thyme honey is harvested at the end of spring in the hives of the Sierra Oeste de Madrid and during the summer in our hives next to the Hoces del Duratón National Park in Segovia, when we take our bees to spend a summer moreás fresh.

It differs from other honeys because its aroma is much más intense and is impregnated with the characteristic aromaístic of the plant. With a very sweet but delicate taste, which causes fascination #243 in lovers of pure honey bees.

Botáonly the vulgar name of thyme, which is sometimes given algún adjective as “olive”, “big”, “de San Juan”, “salsero”…), corresponds to different species, the largest #237;a of the género Thymus, but others of géneros próximos of the same family, labiadas (Lamiaceae). The common species #225 is Thymus vulgaris.

The tomilles are part of the dry, sunny scrub of the mediterr holm oaksáneos, in which they can be the dominant species, forming the tomillars. In them are usually also #233;n other lips: rosemary, sage, splendous, cat tail, cantueso; some legume herbsáceas: tréboles, alphalfillas, cornicabras…; other legumes leñyou like the retamas; and other plants such as resedas, jars, jaguars…


  • Like thyme as a plant has a number of undoubted medicinal properties, so #233;n thyme honey is a health ally. For example, it is very efficient at preventing or curing throat infections. In addition#225;s, it helps to improve the digestive system and is very suitable for better coping with heavy digestions.

  • For that is not enough, thyme honey also #233;n acts as a regulator of arterial #243;n and reduces the discomfort of ailments such as asthma and bronchitis. Among its most #225 properties is surprising is #225; that of helping to regulate menstruationón.


  • The intensity and persistence of their aromas and taste make these honeys very appreciated by those who feel attractedítwo for the strong sensations. It is idónea to combine with dishes whose ingredients also provide #233 components with aromas and notorious tastes to which you want to incorporate a sweet part and with the characteristic aromasísticos of these honeys.

  • Combin with strong infusions, cured cheeses, meat stews, baked meats, or non-light desserts, always taking care not to spend the amount used.

Características Organolépticas:

  • Color: ámbar claro.

  • Aroma: floral with a phenoólico touch, very intense and persistent.

  • Gusto: sweet with a clear component ácido.

  • Tacto: low tendency to crystallizationón.

3 jars of thyme honey from 500 g.

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