Castiza Romero Honey Pack - Rosemary Fan - 3 x 500 g


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Miel from the rosemary plant (Rosmarinus officinalis). In addition,#225;s, we will find pollen of fabáceas, rabaniza, almond, cistáceas and sometimes drag of the otoñales blooms (heathers, brambles…). Rosemary is a plant that flowers moreás or less, #250 according to meteorological conditionsógicas, in #241 oto&<7>;o and early spring. That is why for there to be a good harvest of honey there must be two éfew in a row meteorológicaly good, the first for jóvenes branches to develop well, and the second for a good flora to develop on them, #243;n. also #233;n winter needs to be fríor paralyze the plants, so that when spring comes

#243 they will have flowering

We harvest this honey in early spring in our hives in the Sierra Oeste de Madrid mainly,


  • The rosemary honey is dim, combines well with any food to which you want to provide a component of sweet taste and a delicate aroma. It is very suitable for, diluted with a little water, accompanyñar a those aliños of salads; combines well with fish, añadiéndola in smallñas quantities at the end of preparation #243;n, hot; and with some meats, desserts, fruits, herbal teas and refreshing drinks…


  • Entre its properties highlights its actionón antiséptica, expectorant, antibacterial, diurética, healing and analgésica.

  • The rosemary honey is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that contribute to the bestía of our skin, isómagician (excellent protector gástrico), hair, hygiene íntima and even our brain, releaseándole del estrés, which, today, is one of the worst social

Características Orgaolépticas:

  • Color: ámbar claro.

  • Aroma: little intense, medium persistence, floral with black-and-white notes and new wax. The aftertaste aromas increase, with fruity notes appearing its almond cam and farináceas if rich in fabáceas.

  • Gusto: sweet, with notes ácidas.

  • Tacto: slow crystallization,#243;n, often #225;rising at the bottom and rising in the form of a constellationón.

3 jars of 500 g.

rosemary honey

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