Castiza Milflores Honey Pack - Flower Fan- 3 x 500 g


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Our Mil Flores Honey comes from the hives we have between the natural parks of the Montes de Toledo and the Cabañeros National Park and those of the Sierra Oeste de Madrid, where plants such as rosemary, thyme, jara, heather, holm oak, cantueso … are predominantly, and whose collection #243 is carried out in spring.

Many areas do not have a dominant vegetation #243, or the plant that dominates is not taken advantage of by bees (such as pines) and these are spread over other non-dominant plants. When the plant cover used by bees is #225; formed by a wide variety of plants of which some have más presence than others, but without a clear greater ía of any, the honey that is collected allí, is called “multifloral” or “of milflores”.


  • Theest type of honeys are the #225 ones that are used for everything, they are the #225 most frequent in the market, and they are the ones that usually bring sweet taste to all kinds of preparations: frías or hot drinks (infusions, soft drinks, juices… this summer always have in the fridge the clásico limón juice with water and honey to cool off), breakfasts and snacks, ice cream, lácteos, fish, white meats, desserts (fruits with honey, orange, freshenes, apple, plátano, piñ



  • Energética and devoid of fats, flower honey is a perfect substitute for refined azúcar, así as an ideal supplement for athletes and people with all thegún déficit food.

  • In its composición we recognize áorgánicos, enzymes and various minerals. Many of these elements possess anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiséptica, antioxidant, among others,

  • Source of vitamins, minerals and active ingredients, the benefits of Flower Honey are a natural remedy against numerous diseases and ailments, #225 in addition to being a power of #237;simo allied to lose weight, such as antibiótico natural, to prevent colds and other ailments or to soothe heart acidity.

Características Organolépticas:

  • Color: álight mbar and extraordinarily bright surface.

  • Aroma: Very floral, intense and persistent.

  • Gusto: sweetón, with clear #225 aromatic notes;tics to the palate.

  • Tacto: crystallizationón ráorder in tamañor medium to fine crystals.

3 500 g.

milflower honey jars

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