Casa Roya Packs of 2 Jars of Honey Romero(1.2kg)

Casa Roya

Apícola Levi

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  • Packs of 2 Honey Jars Romero(1.2kg)
  • Miel with a very clear hue, which even becomes white when it crystallizes
  • .
  • With an intense aroma and medium persistence, sweet and pleasant taste, but to its right extent.
  • For this reason it is an appropriate product when making recipes with honey and pairings.
  • Ficient for the digestive system, where it facilitates heavy digestions and in the respiratory system since it relieves dry cough and asthma.
  • Cristalization is #243;n is a natural process. It can be avoided by warming the bañor seaía.

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