Casa La Abuela Extremadura Pumpkin Sausage - 2 x 300g

Casa La Abuela

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The pumpkin sausage or calabacera is a sausage produced by #243;n única in extreme landñas, is made with lean and pork fat ibérich, cooked squash and pimentón de la vera, to enhance its flavor.

The sobrassed texture is perfect for consuming hot (fried) or accompanying tapañada with a little bread


In CASA LA ABUELA we raise our livestock from birth to the production of #243 sausage. It feeds on acorns of extremadurade pastureña during the mountaineering and raíces, herbs and natural pastures phase.

  • All of our pigs have the breed certificate and #243 feed;n.

  • redients: pumpkin, fat and lean pork, pimentón de la Vera, garlic, salt, dextrin, dextrose, lactose, proteína  milk powder ,emulgentes,E-450 E-451, E-452, preservatives E-252, E-250, dyes, E-120.

  • 2 pieces of approximately 300 g each. Weights may vary slightly,

  • Sin gluten.

* Extra items not included.

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