Brancal Organic mandarin juice - 6x200 ml


Brancal Mermeladas

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Zumo ecológico Brancal certified made with ecológicas mandarins presented in a 200 ml bottle where it is without any doubt that it is 100% tangerine concentrate.

  • Gerines are an inexhaustible source of vitality and health, so we want to offer them bottled, because we know the health of their consumption and why they #233; not to say, because they are the best ambassadors of our Valencian land.
  • Sin azúañadded and without flavor-changing additives. Made without más azúcar than the one worn by the mandarins themselves that are #225;n inside the bottle. You can take it whenever you feel like it: breakfasts, snacks or after #233;s of the sports #225 practice to replenish strength… 
  • Includes 6 glass bottles of 200 ml each.

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