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Nated black garlic is obtained by subjecting fresh garlic to a natural maturation #243 process that, to obtain it, is placed in a fermentation cabinet #243;n and subjected to #237 specific temperatures and humidity. The process is slow, without any additive type #250. This procedure makes garlic acquire that flavor, texture and color that represents it, having as well #237; a mild flavor, liquorice and prune tones that makes it not repeat and leaves bad breath. In addition#225;s of multiplying by ten those of comú garlic;n, the properties of black garlic are many más. It is a totally natural and above all delicious way to strengthen our immunológico system strengthening our defenses. The benefits of consuming black garlic are many since of the 20 aminoácidos that are in nature, éste contains 18, of which 8 are fundamental to our daily diet. It is high in zinc and contains “a-alil-l-cisteína” they are good for fighting depressive states, cleanses blood, removes cholesterol and líasks. In additionás of containing antibacterial and antiséptica properties. With 5 times moreás allicins than normal garlic, it is a great support for the fight against free radicals, with anti-#243 effects; licos, cleans the arteries and prevents diabetes. It is available in a 400-gram jar,

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