Bodegas Cefrián Bodegas Cefrían Tasting Pack - 3 bottles 75 cl

Bodegas Cefrián

Bodegas Cefrián

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Pack consisting of :

  • A 75 cl bottle of Malaostia red wine.
  • A 75 cl bottle of Blasa white wine
  • A 75 cl bottle of Marchante rosé wine

Malaostia Wine:
  • It is an elegant and delicate wine, #225 easy to drink, which can be combined with countless dishes, providing a cúmule of sensations that does not leave indifferent.
  • Procedant of a viñedo at 1000 meters high, which gives it a special uniqueness, aportándondole touches mineral touches.
  • Characterísticas:
    • Type: red.
    • Procedence: Jamilena (Jaén).
    • Alcohol: 14.5 % Vol.
    • Variety: shiraz and merlot.
    • Presentación: 75 cl.
    • Vista: Bright, intense violet, medium-high layer and ládense tears with caída lenta.
    • Nariz: Pleasant to violets and red fruits, with a touch of coconut that gives it American oak wood.
    • Boca: Soft, sweet, good attack and mid palate, elegant and soft tannin, and a retro-taste to the aromas of violets and red fruits.
    • Satheture temperature: Between 14º to 18º C.

Vino Blasa:
  • Very frank of flavor, tasty, fresh, fruity of great finesse, stands out the armonía among its components, and the silkiness of its passage, with a long and persistent finish in the mouth, the balance between its acidity and alcohol, give it an extraordinary freshness.
  • Characterísticas:
    • Type: white.
    • Procedence: Jamilena (Jaén).
    • Grades: 12.5 % Vol.
    • Variedad: Chardonnay.
    • Presentación: 75 cl.
    • View: Límpido, bright, pá yellow;lido, with green reflections.
    • Nariz: intense tropical fruits (mango, piña, melón, banana, ananá).
    • Boca: Fineness, elegance, with a wide range of flavors (apple, cítricos, melón, pear, honey, caramel and sweet milk).
    • Satheture temperature: 8º to 10º C.

Vino Marchante:

  • It came to tribute to cattle dealers, it is a representative coupage of our winery. It is a refreshing, fun, young, modern and unique wine. Hevho especially to enjoy the climate of our land,
  • Characterísticas:
    • Type: pink 
    • Procedence: Jamilena (Jaén)
    • Alcohol: 12.5% Vol.
    • Variity: shiraz, tempranillo and Grenache.
    • Presentación: 75 cl.
    • View: Límpido, bright, strawberry pink, with rubí.
    • Nariz: intensity and candor, fruit aromas (cherry, blackberry, raspberry, cranberries), vegetable aromas (geranium, pink, violet
    • ).
    • Boca: Dry, tasty, #225 aromatic, very fruity, with amoplitude and body. Great balance, serious, with volume and elegant mid palate. Good acidity, freshness and long finish of mouth, persistent and intense.
    • Sature temperature: 6º to 8º C.

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