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Features: SelFit® Door Stability at any angle Has it never happened to you that you're going to unload the dishwasher but the open door takes up so much space that you can't move freely? With SelFit®, you can lock the door at any angle to load and unload dishes without hindering the passage. In addition, the sturdy mechanism holds up to 9 kg of weight of the furniture door. 3 Top basket heights Top basket with adjustable height Forget about having to manage to place large plates or long glasses in the dishwasher. Now, with the 3-position adjustment mechanism, you can adjust the top basket in 3 different positions so that there is more space in the bottom basket for large plates. Sliding basket for cutlery More space for pots and pans in the lower basket The cutlery basket is an ingenious invention, but it is always in the middle when you are going to place a large pot in the bottom basket. The sliding cutlery basket ends this problem, as it can be moved to the right or left to make room for the bulkiest utensils. Detergent sliding dispenser Easy-to-open dispenser lid Do not hurt your fingers trying to open the detergent dispenser. The detergent sliding dispenser is so easy to open and close that it allows detergent to be added super-simple. Folding crockery holder More space for pots and pans Every time you cook, use pots and pans of different sizes, and you need a dishwasher to suit it. The folding crockery holder allows you to free up space reserved for dishes to fit those huge pots and pans. It's finally over having to hand wash the biggest utensils! Specifications: Programs -Number of programs: 6 -Program 1: Eco 50oC -Program 2: Automatic -Program 3: Intensive 70oC -Program 4: Quick & Shine® -Program 5: Mini -Program -6: Prewash Functions -Function 1: Pickups -Function 2: Half load -Function 3: SuperRinse -Subfunction 1: Automatic door opening Technologies -SuperRinse: Yes -Half load: Yes -Deferred start: Yes, with manual adjustment up to 24h -Detergent function in pads: Yes -GlassCare system: GlassShield® -Dirt sensor: Yes -Drying system: Static -InnerClean: If Basket design and Standard accessories -Covered tray: No -Adjustment height top basket: Adjustable with load 3 positions -Lower basket - Number of folding brackets: 4 -Type of basket for cutlery: Sliding basket for cutlery -Support for cups: Yes -Number of cup holders : 2 -Accessories: Knife accessory Design -Product color: Anti-fingerprint stainless steel -Tank material: Stainless steel tank -Display type: LED -Sprinkler arm design: Robust sprinkler arm -Automatic door opening: Yes -Dispenser sliding detergent: Yes -Door installation: SelFit® -Type of installation: Free installation Performance and Consumption -Number of cutlery: 14 -Energy efficiency: A+++ -Power consumption per cycle: 0.8 kWh -Consumption of annual energy: 237 kWh/year -Water consumption: 11.5 L -Annual water consumption: 3220 L/year -Sound power level: 47 dBA -Number of sprinklers: 2 -Voltage:220 - 240 V -Frequency: 50 Hz Dimensions and Weight -Height: 85 cm -Width: 59.8 cm -Depth: 60 cm -Weight: 43.8 kg Safety -Safety lock for children : Yes - Fire Safety System: WaterSafe™ EAN: 8690842299490

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