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Features:Motor ProSmart™ InverterHigh efficiency, high durability and low noise Do not stress about light bills or suffer every time you go washing and drying clothes. Thanks to the ProSmart engine™ variable speed and frictionless conditions you will achieve low power consumption, less noise and longer life, all in one device. This way you'll get the most out of your washer without affecting your monthly budget or your peace of mind. Wash & Wear Program®1 kg of clothes ready to wear in 1 h Do you have an important meeting or a promising first date within 1 hour and nothing clean to wear? You don't need more to wash and dry 1 kg of clothing thanks to the Wash & Wear®. Now you'll have a complete set ready to wear in an hour. Hygiene+ Wash & Dry program™Refirenic results at any temperatureThe people with allergies know well that certain mites and bacteria can stay in clothes even after washing. The Hygiene+ Wash & Dry+ program combines mild temperature controls with additional rinsing and spinning cycles to make sure these microorganisms are removed from clothing. Allergy UK certifies that, at temperatures between 20 and 90oC, the 60oC cycle eliminates 99.9% of allergens. DrumClean+Drum program clean and fresh for a clean and fresh laundryTras give a lot of use to the washing machine, the drum starts to give off a certain smell of moisture. The DrumClean+ program with IonGuard technology® circulates negative ions to eliminate odors and clean the drum thoroughly. And a clean drum equals cleaner castings cycle after cycle. Specifications:-Deferred start: Deferred start (0h - 24h) -Installation type: Free installation Connectivity-Connectivity type HomeWhiz®: Bluetooth -Downloadable program 1: Mix -Downloadable program 2: Sport -Downloadable program 3: Dark clothing / Jean -Downloadable Program 4: Towels -Downloadable Program 5: Lingerie Programs-Number of Programs: 15 -Program 1: Cotton -Program 2: Eco 40-60 -Program 3: Synthetics -Program 4: Wool / Hand Wash -Program5: Express /Express Diary Super Short 14 min -Program 6: Feathery -Program 7: Downloadable Program -Program 8: Centrifuge + Shell -Program 9: Rinsing -Program 10: Shirts -Program 11: Cotton Wash&Dry -Program 12: Synthetic Wash & Dry -Program 13: Wash&Dry Hygiene+ -Program 14: Wash &dry 4 kg program -Program 15: Wash & Wear® - Wash and use Functions-Auxiliary Function -1: Prewash -Auxiliary Function - 2 : Quick+ -Auxiliary Function - 3: Drying -Auxiliary Function - 4: Bluetooth -Sub - Function 1: DrumClean+ -Sub - Function 2: SteamCure™ -Sub - Function 3: Child Safety Lock -Sub - Function 4: Bluetooth -Sub - Function 5: AntiCrease+™ Technologies-ProSmart™ Inverter Motor: If Design-Display Type: Digital Display -Color: White -Drum Material: Stainless Steel Performance and Consumption-Washing Capacity (kg): 7 kg -Drying capacity: 4 kg -Energy efficiency: A -Maximum spin speed: 1400 rpm -Sound wash level: 56 dBA -Sound spinning level: 74 dBA -Drying noise level: 64 dBA -Drying technology: Water condensation -Annual energy consumption of washing: 160 kWh -Annual energy consumption washing&drying: 952 kWh -Annual consumption of washed water&drying: 19000 L -Voltage: 230 V -Frequency Frequency : 50 Hz Dimensions and Weight-Height: 84 cm -Width: 60 cm -Depth: 50 cm -Weight: 63 kg Safety-Safety lock for children: Yes -Water-repellent protection: Yes -Electronic load balance control: Yes -Automatic water adjustment: Yes

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