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SteamCure™. Steam-free treatment. Recognize it: You can't help but pretreat clothes when you see a stain. SteamCure technology™ does the work for you by applying steam to the stain before washing to soften dirt, making it easier to remove. It also reduces wrinkles so you forget about the iron. In short, you will have less to do before and after washing. StainExpert Program™ - SPOTS PRO. Impeccable cleaning of 24 types of stains. Say goodbye to white vinegar, lemon juice and dishwasher detergent. That's kitchen products, and stained clothing is a stained-down washing machine with StainExpert program™ - Stains PRO. Coffee, ketchup, chocolate, makeup or blood: StainExpert™ - SPOTS PRO is specifically designed to take down 24 different types of stains, so you don't have to pretreat them again. Super short program 14 min. 2 kg of clean clothes in 14 minutes. Not all garments require intensive treatment. Sometimes a quick wash may be enough. The Super short 14 min program allows you to wash up to 2 kg of clothes in just 14 minutes. That 2 kg sounds like little clothes to you? That's like 20 T-shirts! More than enough for any urgency. AntiCreate®. Wrinkle-free washing. Ironing clothes is not an exciting task, why are we going to deceive ourselves? That's why we're introducing the Anti-® with IonGuard®. This feed works by turning the drum periodically at the end of the washing cycle to keep clothes cool and wrinkle-free. So you can spend less time ironing and more time on what you really like to do. Characteristics:-Capacity: 7 kg -Energy efficiency: A+++ -Maximum spin speed: 1200 rpm -Sound wash level: 54 dBA -Sound spinning level: 74 dBA -ProSmart™ Inverter Motor: Orca -Height:84 cm -Width: 60 cm -Depth: 49 cm -Steam Function: SteamCure™ -Deferred start: Deferred start (0h - 19h) -Display type: Digital display -Color: White -Installation type: Free installation Programs-Number of Programs: 15 -Program 1: Cotton -Program 2: Eco 40-60 -Program 3: Synthetics -Program 4: Express Diary / Express Super Short 14 min -Program 5: Mix -Program 6: Wool / Hand Wash -Program 7: GentleCare™ -Program 8: Centrifuge + Shell -Program 9: Rinsing -Program 10: Dark Clothing / Jeans -Program 11: Sport -Program 12: StainExpert™ - Spots Pro -Program 13: Hygiene+ Steam Program -Program 14 : Feather with steam function -Program 15: Steam shirts Functions-Auxiliary function -1: Prewash -Auxiliary function – 2: Fast+ -Auxiliary function – 3: Pet hair removal -Sub - function 1: DrumClean -Sub program - function 3: AntiCrease+™ Technologies-ProSmart™ Inverter Orca Motor -SteamCure Steam Function™ -OptiSense® Design-AquaWave® -XLA Door -Display Type: Digital Display -Color: White -Drum Material: Stainless Steel Performance and Consumption -Capacity: 7 kg -Energy efficiency: A+++ -Maximum spin speed: 1200 rpm -Sound wash level: 54 dBA -Sound spinning level: 74 dBA -Annual power consumption: 173 kWh -Annual consumption of Water: 9679 L -Voltage: 230 V -Frequency: 50 Hz Dimensions and Weight-Height: 84 cm -Width: 60 cm -Depth: 49 cm -Weight: 59 kg -Height with packaging: 88 cm -Width with packaging : 65 cm -Depth with packaging: 51.5 cm -Weight with packaging: 60 kg Safety-Safety lock for children -Water safety protection -Electronic load balance control -Automatic adjustment of EAN water: 8690842383540

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