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Features:Led Illumination®Be better lighting to see the interior Sometimes it can be difficult to see everything in the fridge, especially in the corners of the bottom of the trays. Led Illumination® use either strips or LED bulbs on top of the refrigerator or on either side of the shelf (lighting will vary depending on the refrigerator model) so you can see everything clearly. In addition, it is energy efficient than standard lighting. Reversible doorAdaptes the orientation of the door to the design of your kitchenAlcons kitchen designs require that the refrigerator doors open in one direction and not in the other. The reversible door allows you to place the hinges on either side of the appliance so you can choose which one the doors open to. In addition, you can double the cooling capacity by placing two refrigerators next to each other and reversing the doors of one of them. Safety glassSight glass with safety glass, you will stop worrying when placing a huge and heavy pot in the refrigerator. Safety glass shelves are made of tempered glass and support loads up to 25 kg. They withstand cracks and scratches much better than untreated glass, so you can store heavy items worry-free. Specifications:Net and gross volume-Total gross volume: 90 L -Total net volume: 88 L -Net volume of fresh food compartment: 88 L Refrigerator characteristics-Type of refrigerator trays: Glass -Number of drawers for fruits and vegetables: 1 -Huever capacity a: 6 -Cold system: Cyclic Design-Reversible door: Yes -Led Illumination®: Yes -Controls: Mechanical -Product type: Free installation -Type of handle: Flush -Color: White Performance and Consumption-Energy Efficiency: A+ -Annual energy consumption 2 5oC (kWh/year): 113 kWh/year -Daily energy consumption at 25oC: 0.3 kWh/daily -Sound power level: 38 dBA -Climate class: SN-T -Voltage: 230 V -Frequency: 50 Hz Dimensions and Weight-Height: 81.8 cm -Width: 47.5 cm -Depth: 50 cm -Weight: 24.6 kg EAN: 8690842397004

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