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Through this service, you will have a tool to keep your databases updated at the postal level.

This tool allows you to improve the quality of your customers' addresses and develop marketing campaigns more effectively.

The rates of the service offer you access to the Postal Code Database for a certain time, depending on the modality contracted:

- Modality WITHOUT QUARTERLY UPDATES (download keys enabled for 30 days), € 1,600 + 21% VAT.

- Modality WITH QUARTERLY UPDATES (download keys enabled for 365 days), € 1,820 + 21% VAT.


IMPORTANT: For the contracting of the service, you must previously select the contracting modality. Then it is mandatory to fill in the license clause for the use of the product, specifying the required data and the use that will be applied to the database. The completed document must be attached, together with an identity document, at the time of placing the order.

Download here the necessary documentation to hire it WITHOUT QUARTERLY UPDATES.

Download here the necessary documentation to hire it WITH QUARTERLY UPDATES.


What is the Postal Code Database and what is it for?
• Correos has the only official and updated Postal Code Database on the market. Any changes in the territory are collected daily by Correos.
• It is mandatory that any postal communication includes the postal code so that it arrives at its destination.
• According to the Royal Decree of the BOE, Correos is responsible for the maintenance of national postal codes, a guarantee when using them.
• It allows you to optimize sales, distributions and postal communications through complete data and maps and also reduce the returns of your shipments.
• We have all the information associated with the postal codes providing sociodemographic and economic data for more than 10,400 postal codes. In this way you can:

- Communicate with 46,099,952 inhabitants.

- Dispose of information of 9,770,844 geographical references of portals from the sections of track of 203 national municipalities.

- Locate more than 24 million residential mailboxes and almost 4 million business mailboxes.

What is the structure of the service?
Once you purchase this service, we will give you access to an Excel file with the following tables (tabs):

• Locality Databases (INE): Identification of the different official national localities and complete INE coding of locality and its municipality to 11 digits.
• Street Databases: Includes the roads of those towns with several zip codes, expanding to populations with more than 36,000 inhabitants. This will allow you to improve your steering autocomplete processes.
• Master Postal Codes – Localities: Establishes the relationship between postal codes and population entities and the hierarchical structure according to INE.
• Localities Versioner: Collects the different denominations and vernacular languages of the localities. It also includes the versioner of Correos locations generated from the shipping history.
• Postal Code Indicators: Sociodemographic, economic and territorial information that will allow you to design your marketing strategies and qualify your customers:

- Data of estimated inhabitants and means of age.

- Surfaces and residential weight.

- Average income and expenses of the family nuclei.

- Business businesses located by zip code.

- Estimated proportions of company sizes.

- Percentage of freelancers.

- Commercial area.

How are the contracting modalities different?
Contracting the product under the modality WITH QUARTERLY UPDATES, the download keys of the product are enabled for 365 days. In this way you can download the complete and updated product from the second week of January, April, July and October.

The mode WITHOUT QUARTERLY UPDATES enables download keys only for 30 days.


What documentation do I need to hire it?
It is necessary to complete the license document of use of the product with the required data. The CIF or copy of the title of incorporation of the company must be attached, or DNI / NIE of the individual who exercises the contract.

What will I receive?<br/>When you hire this service, we will contact you by email and give you instructions so that you can download an Excel file with all the information from the Database you have contracted.
We do not send you any products physically. In the purchase process we ask you for a shipping address, in case it is necessary to send you the invoice for your purchase.

I need to contact you, where can I go?
For inquiries about this product, write to us at

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