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Anti-vibration side panels: silence... we're washing. Put your appliances up and running at any time of the day with peace of mind. Our anti-vibration panels manage to minimize sound power so no noise can bother you. "Microfibers" program for sports fabrics. If the excuse is wet clothes, you have no excuse anymore. You can go out for sport right away, because your clothes will be available for any physical activity thanks to the "Microfibers" program. You can dry up to 2 kilos of clothing with delicate temperatures that will keep the qualities of sports fabrics intact. In addition, to ensure that everything is perfectly dry, moisture is measured several times throughout the program. There's definitely no excuse. Humidity sensor: a dryer that knows when to stop. This dryer is not limited to running a program in a defined time. But it is able to stop automatically when the clothes are already dry. To do this, it has a sensor that measures the degree of moisture of the garments at every moment of the cycle. So the dryer knows exactly when to stop, saving time and energy. Program "40 min. super fast". His name says it all. At Balay we know that time is a precious commodity. That's why we've incorporated a program that is, as the name suggests, "super fast", and allows you to dry up to 2 kilos of clothes in just 40 minutes, always with excellent results. "Lingerie" program. A drying as soft and delicate as your own garments. No more false myth that underwear should be hand washed and dried on the clothesline. Thanks to this dryer's "Lingerie" program, you can dry up to 1 kilo of underwear of any kind, in a single cycle, with a gentle treatment and maximum efficiency. "Wool Finish" program: Putting wool's clothes in the dryer is no longer a dare. This program gives wool garments the smooth, delicate drying they need, so fibers always look like the first day and garments maintain their feel and shape. You can dry up to 3 kilos of woolly clothing with total tranquility and the best results. Features: -Energy efficiency class B -Moisture sensor drying control. -Capacity: 7 kg. -LED display. -Indication of remaining time, program status and deferred end up to 24 h. -Special programs: Super fast 40 min, Shirts 15 min, Lingerie, Anti-steel, Wool finish, Outdoor clothing, Mix, Hot timed, Cold timed. -Functions: Less iron, Delicate drying, Drying adjustment. -Pause+load function: opening the door during the drying cycle. -SoftCare drum with asymmetric blades. -Anti-vibration side panels. -Special anti-wrinkle cooling cycle of 60 min after program completion. -Child safety lock. -Possibility of connection to drain. -Drain pipe included. -Possibility of installation under countertop in furniture of height 85 cm or more. -Possibility of column installation together with a washing machine using the 3AS220B junction kit (with removable table) or 3AS110B (without removable table). -Annual power consumption: 499 kWh. -Sound power: 65 dB(A) re 1 pW. Specifications: Construction type -Construction type: Independent -Door opening: Right opening -Drum material: Galvanized -Drying type: Condensation -Installation type: Independent -Removable cover: No Dimensions and weight -Apparatus dimensions (height, width, bottom (excluding door)) (mm): 842 x 598 x 599 -Drum volume: 112 -Removable countertop height (MM): 842 -Net weight (kg): 38,591 Drying -Cycle for delicate garments: Soft washing -Anti-wrinkle protection: 60 -Quick drying: Nothing -Adjustable drying temperature (oC): Yes -Programs: Progr. white/color drying, Progr. drying delic fabrics, additional programs -Additional drying programs: Wool finish, Mix, Microfiber program -Allergy Plus program: Yes -Languages available on the display: Spanish, Portuguese, Symbols Equipment -Drying time selector: No -Lint filter: Yes -Time remaining indication: Yes -Program end indication: Acoustics, LED-Display -Filter cleaning warning: Yes -Full condensation tank warning: Yes -Interior light: No -Reversible drum rotation system: No -Deferred programming option: Continuous Connection -Connecting power (W): 2,600 -Length of the power cord (cm): 145.0 -Electric current current current (A): 13/10 -Drain pipe: Yes -Fixed coupling condensed water evacuation: Yes -Frequency (Hz): 50 -Type of plug: Schuko with grounding -Air evacuation tube: No -Voltage (V) : 220-240 EAN: 4242006293109

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