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Bags de Tela

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Very compact ecológicas fabric bags always closed through a large boté #243;n and an elástica rubber. Once deployed, it can be seen that it is #225;n composed of two fabrics whose colors combine with each other. It has two small handles#241;as for transport, it is a small bagñas dimensions but quite resistant since they can withstand fácilmente between 6-7 Kg in weight. The best way to go shopping is with a cloth bag, why? because it eliminates the #225;stico of our lives, it is reusable, it is foldable, light, light, beautiful, tidy, has everything and además provides us with the peace of mind of knowing that we are in solidarity with the planet.
To be aware that we must optimize the use of things is our responsibility, to be responsible for not polluting is to set an example and create examples with awareness acting by and for us and ours. We must love our planet more and help it move forward…that is what we are looking for with this product, help not contaminate, help to reuse, help create sustainable awareness.
 Materials We combine Lonetas and Vichy 50% Algodón  50% Poliéster. Measurements:
The total measurement of the closed bag is approximately 15 x 6 cm
The total measurement of the open bag is approximately 37 x 25 cm
Approximate weight of the closed bag and vacía: 120gr. Washing Instructions:
It is recommended to wash in washing machine with a short cycle and water fría. Do not use bleach #237 excessively strong detergents. They are fully CUSTOMIZED bags.

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