Atalaya Bio Aloe vera juice (98%) and unfiltered organic lemon to drink - 700 ml

Atalaya Bio

Atalaya Bio

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Jugo de aloe vera ecológico obtained from fresh leaves from our own plantation#243;n, handcrafted with the least carbon footprint in a protected natural space, The úunique eco veral aloe juiceógico of the world from plantación in Red Natura 2000. Healthy food supplement that improves digestión naturally and increases defenses (especially indicated in oncologic processes, crónica fatigue, estrés). Purifying juice to cleanse the colon and lose weight. Contribution of aminoácidos and iron for athletes. The highest levels of polysacáridos (IASC certified), acemannan, polyphenols and antioxidant activity. Nice and fresh taste, with a touch of limón.

redientes: Aloe vera ecológico (aloe barbadensis miller) 98 %, Lim ón ecológico 1.99%, Antioxidant: áascó acid;bic: 0.01%

- Live product (not rebuilt from powder), ultra fresh and active. Plant grown in España with a Ráorder (unlike products from other continents) on the market. In this way the highest therapeutic activity #233 is obtained on the body.
- Opaque glass bottle (700 ml) that protects the content of ultraviolet radiation and prevents the degradation #243 of the active substances. With dosing cup.
- Contains no preservatives, dyes, artificial flavorings, gluten, yeasts or lactose. No water or #250;añadidos. Pure 100% natural product guaranteed.
- Made in frío. Non-pasteurized, unfiltered, non-frozen, non-irradiated product.
- Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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