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PACK Comfort


Micropartícula nebulizer. Oils. Low capacity (about 30m/square). Manual control press ón. Feedón 220V. 100 ml depósito.

Pack Contains:

  • 1 nebulizer model CONFORT actionón manual essential oils

  • Depósito aroma

  • Usage instructions

  • 1 aroma

  • It is served in a complete pack with 1 aroma. Each aroma bottle is 100 ml.

* If you want to choose aroma (cítricos, floral, woody, spicy, acuáticos, green, fruity, children's, male perfume, feminine perfume), indicate it in the Field Remarks when processing the order.

* If you don't choose aroma, we'll send you something cool.

* We want you to like it forever, so if the scent received is not yours we change it


Más information #243 about the pack:

It is an ideal #243;n solution of aromatization #243;n for those confined spaces, or locations or facilities with different non-communicated rooms in which the aroma cannot leave a room #243;n for example. The approximate area that can aromatize this mini aroma nebulizer is about 30 square meters. You know that these measures are very relative and depend on factors such as ventilation #243;n, height ceilings, number of people in that room, etc., but above all, the quality and intensity of the chosen aroma.

  • Recommunic THE CONFORT for:

  • rooms

  • to finish #243;n home

  • office offices

  • waiting rooms

  • hallways

  • hall entrances

  • Romatize baños

  • etc

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