Aromas Sierra Calderona Tiger

Aromas Sierra Calderona

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Bracelet Set, Earrings and pendant handmade from Tiger's Eye.
The Tiger's Eye is a brown gemstone with fibers of yellow, golden and brown hues whose composición remembers, precisely to the hypnotizing and ripped eyes of tigers.
If there are two things that define the Tiger's Eye is strength and balance. Especially now that we're in pandemic time and people are #225 vulnerable.
The Tiger's Eye is very útil to renew our energías and strengthen our ability to trust ourselves, supportándonos más security, así how to restore our inner balance.
The benefits of Tiger's Eye are : Relieves headache and back pain. Clarify thought and ideas. Strengthens intelligence. Protects from hazards. Helps recognize competencies. It attracts #243 and creativity. It promotes self-confidence. Improves communication #243;n and blocks shyness. It helps to increase the concentration #243;n and finally wards off anxiety and attracts optimism.

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