Aromas Sierra Calderona Teide

Aromas Sierra Calderona

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Recompression Knight's Press handmade in Volcánica Rock, Tiger's Eye and Hematite.
The Volcánica Rock is a gem that attracts only positive vibrations. Not only that, this gem offers emotional stability, it helps eliminate those negative emotions like anger, spite and bad memories of the past.
Brinda serenity and a lot of patience. Tiger's eye serves to protect us from any danger, stimulates wealth and helps us achieve the financial objectives we have set ourselves. Mentally this gem is responsible for maintaining and eliminating any fear and indecisión.
The Tiger's Eye is responsible for driving away the negative #237;a and attracting positive vibes. It is an excellent amulet to attract riches and good luck.
And Hematite is particularly effective for settling, protecting and harmonizing the mind, body and spaíritu. Protects the soul and links it to the body during astral journeys.

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