Aromas Sierra Calderona Brontite

Aromas Sierra Calderona

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Remanch handmade knight's pulp with Blue Aventine and Hematite.
Blue Aventine or also #233 called Starstone.
His great affinity with the throat chakra, Blue Aventine will help youá communicate with greater truth, ease of speech and fluency.
His connection to the #243 third eye, favors clairvoyance and having a deep vision #225 #243 of reality, más allá appearances. Hematite itself is particularly effective in settling, protecting and harmonizing mind, body and spaíritu.
Protects the soul and binds it to the body during astral travel. It has a powerful Yang element that balances the meridians and dissolves negativity, preventing negative energy #237;as entering the aura.

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