Arbelis 100% Bee Wax Candles in Aluminum Support - 24 Units


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Workingboración manual and totally handcrafted candles with pure beeswax. This process, allows each specimen, offering the única experience of enjoying an original and natural aroma, of a cálida flame and of great sizeñor, así as of a combustionón más slow with very little emisión of fumes to be #225


Some of the benefits of using pure bee wax candles is that they neutralize odors and mold in the atmósfera and in turn, can improve allergy sí <2>;ntomas, improving breathing #243;n in the environment. Así itself, lighting a candle and turning off an artificial light can provide you with peace and relaxation #243;n and induce meditation,#243;n, creating a space cálido.

  • This product is #225; made with pure beeswax and cotton threadón.

  • Consist in a pack of 24 beeswax candles 100% in aluminum support.

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