Apícola Levi Pack to take care of your defenses: Rosemary honey jar 1/2 kg., pollen jar 240g. and bottle of 30ml propolis extract.

Apícola Levi

Apícola Levi

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Pack to take care of your defenses:

  • POLEN: Ideal complement to strengthen the immunológico system. Perfect for increasing energía, combating tiredness, allergies, …
  • PROPÓLEO: Excellent antibiónatural aesthetics. Útil against infections, wounds or burns, #225 in addition to stimulating defenses against respiratory infections such as coughing.
  • MIEL: Great combatant of infections, flus, colds, muscle aches and to increase the defenses of the body. In additionás of favoring digestión and tráintestinal.

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