Aloegades Aloe Vera + Inulin - 60 500 mg tablets



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The aloe vera + inulin tablets are a regulatory, purifying that help the proper functioning of the digestive system in general.

  • Assets:

    • Aloe Vera. It has properties that help regulate the pH of the estómagician, improving indigestión and gases. It reduces inflammationón gástrica, regenerates the mucosa gástrica, intervenes in the assimilation #243 of nutrients in food, decreases heartburn, reduces stressñition and eliminates bacteria that accumulate in the gut.

    • Inulin. It is considered a prebiótico for its fermentation capacity #243;n and its #237 characteristics of solubility. Its incorporation #243 into the daily diet is of great importance because it reaches the intestine almost undigested so it increases the development of bífidas bacteria.

  • Disminue intestinal pH and facilitates the tránsito of the stool so very útil if you have stressñition. Accelerates the emptying of the estómagician and the speed of tránsite along the intestine, so the absorption of heató #237;as is less, important if we are following #250 some type of diet.

  • Use time: take 1 to 2 tablets to día before dinner.

  • Bete of 60 tablets of 500 mg c/u.

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