Aceitunas La Prieta Tasting pack of 4 varieties of Olives

Aceitunas La Prieta

Aceitunas La Prieta

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Combo of 4 varieties of olives. Includes:

  • Fat Cells,

    • Abouts of the variety Gordal Sevillana, partially matured and aliñada with carrot, garlic and natural species.

    • Apreciated for their large sizeño and flavor, these olives will harán the delights of their own and #241;os, due to their balanced taste and texture.

    • Boat thickness: 500 g.

  • Manzanilla,

    • From the heartón of the Campiña Sevillana, these olives of the chamomile variety, are of the varieties más appreciated on the table, for their finesse, low proportionón bone with respect to pulp and flavor. Ideal for snacks and rich in minerals such as fósforo, iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium and iodine. In additioná#233;n also contain calcium.

    • Boat thickness: 500 g.

  • Verdial Cells,

    • Leal olive, is highly appreciated for its versatility when it comes to being aliñada. #225 With an elongated and fine body of body than chamomile, it is the queen of the aliños and if además is split, as in this case, absorbs and compensates más the nuances of aliño traditional. In this case, these verdials are #225;n aliñadas with, carrots, salt, garlic cloves, pepper pieces, aliño majado (garlic with thyme).

    • Boat thickness: 500 g.

  • Prietas,

    • The Prietas olives belong to the family of dehydrated olives, and have their orígenes in the Phoenician people and their saltings.

    • Crafted and classified one by one, it is one of the most #225 healthy snacks that we can find on the market, thanks to its high content of fiber and oil, free of alérgenos, 100% natural, without preservatives, or dyes.

    • Jar weight: 250 g.

    • It is advisable to cover the product once opened, keep it in a cool place, (preferably coolífico) and consume in a week.

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