A Xornaleira PACK 1 BOTE 1000grs + 1 BOTE DE 500grs MIEL MONOFLORAL DE CASTAÑO

A Xornaleira

A Xornaleira

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Castanial Monoflora honeyño

  • It is a natural honey without any #250 type of treatment that alters its characteristicsísticas and natural properties.
  • The aná <2> <5>;lysis polínico reveals a percentage of more than 80% caste pollenño, the remaining 20% is heather pollen, retamas, brambles, willows and oaks.
  • It has a humidity of less than 18.5%.
  • The pack contains 1 1,000g jar and 1 500g caste monofloral honey canister;#241;or whose origin is the flora of the mountainsñas of Pena Trevinca and Manzaneda, in the province of Ourense.
  • The preferential consumption is until March 2021.

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