9 Oliveres Pack of 2 premium bottles of 500ml olive oil

9 Oliveres

9 Oliveres

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Pack of 2 Bottles Premium 500 ml Olive Oil

  • 100% olive juice from 700 centuries-old olive trees and 9 millennial olive trees

  • Our limited family reserve of edición. Varieties: 70% “Alfafarenca”, 30% “Blanqueta”… our best oil. Harvest November 2018.

  • Ficent green fruit with aromas of fresh tomatoes, green herbs and a light fruity plásweet tannins. On the palate it is sweet, with spicy and bitter notes. Very low acidity (<0.2%).

  • Abre of gastronomic artómica for the most ás demanding palates

  • Prensado in fríor with strict temperature control throughout the process

  • The #237e are not used in the cultivation or #243processing of oil

  • The high-quality polarized glass of the bottles protects the oil from the #241;inos ultraviolet rays

  • Produced in the area of the Natural Park of the Sierra Mariola in the region “El Comtat” in Alicante, España

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