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Health and beauty

Zewi Natura
"Cosmética natural y saludable aprovechando al máximo los recursos que nos ofrece la naturaleza."
Cosmética Natural


Our project was born with the intention #243;n to fight against the excessive use of #237;mycos in the products we use for the care of our body, in the día día, and the large volume of plásticos that we discarded in the embases.
That's why in July 2020 we decided to embark on this Project.
With the idea of being the cutting-edge ecommerce in this sector.


Our business is based on an ecommerce selling 100% natural cosménatural company produced in España

The idea begins its journey at the national level but we come with great desire and #237;a and our expectations are to reach the rest of Europe, #233 become the European brand of reference in cosménatural ethics.


Currently, we are 3 people in the project.

Francisco Gálvez as CEO, Ceo and co-founder.

Fernando Garrido as COO (Chief Operating Officer), Chief Operating Officer, Chief Operating Officer and co-founder.

Daniel Luque as CMO (Chief Marketing Officer), directly responsible for all matters related to Marketing and Advertising.


Juana Tamayo Regues

"Un chapu solido , que ha dejado el pelo super limpio y con un olor muy agradable"

No , me ha gustado mucho....

06 Jun, 2020
Maria Jose Martinez


ha llegado bien, estoy contenta

07 Jun, 2020