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""Transformamos la tierra en vida y tú completas el circuito""
Cultivo de Pistacho ecológico


So a family business dedicated to the cultivation of the ecol pistachioógico, pioneer in the use of #243;#243 n of technological systems applied to agriculture in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.
We practice an agriculture that cares for and protects the environment, we apply the principles of the #237 economíto circulate in all phases of the product, in a process of recircularizationón.


The plantation #243 is located in La Bóveda de Toro in Zamora, is a farm of más of 27 hectáreas with about 7000 árboles, in additionás to grow transform the product, producing healthy and innovative products, with pistachio base, we offer an ecológico product with our differentiation #243 when it comes to growing, transforming and marketing.
Además we have developed an línea cosmética natural, with our Bio pistachio oil, pistachio oil is rich in vitamins and minerals, highlighting the concentration #243 of vitamin E (tocopherols) and ámono and polyunsaturated fatty cidos, predominantly áyoleic oleic acid , providing an antioxidant #243 protection essential to the skin and hair.


Está formed by:

Marian Crespo is the developer of the project and collaborates Javier Rodriguez department of marketing and commercial.

01 Jan, 2021