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Xabier Artesanal
"Artesanía única inspirada en la naturaleza"
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This merchant belongs to the association ASOCIACIÓN ARTESANOS GALLEGOS.

Diseño y creación de piezas de bisutería artesanal 100%


Diseñador and Galician craftsman who for #241;I have been researching with different materials of nature. Learning in which I seek my identity and soul artística, with the idea of designñar and create pieces of craftsaní100% handmade, inspired by nature.

I love my land, its rías and its nature where I find the source of inspiration #243;n and some of the materials I use for my creations. All the artíasses are #225;n handmade.

In February 2019, the Xunta de Galicia awards me the Letter of Craftsman.

Aller craftsman, Xabier Artesanal, registered in the general register of Artesanía of Galicia with the nº 11093.

AGA Member, Association #243;n Galega de Artesans.


Concil the designer #241 and #243ón of jewelry piecesía handmade, 100% handmade in all its processes, inspired by nature.

Every piece involves a process of elaboration of #243;n of designsño, foundation ón of resins, molding with different elements. Creating úunique and unrepeatable accessories.

The collections are designedñan and produced in the artisan workshop Xabier Artesanal in Ourense, Galicia. They are #225;n inspired by different natural elements such as tides, rainbows, #241;as, our flora and landscapes.

Ever parts are created from scratch, no two are the same. 

Continúor exploring and researching with méall new and old in designños and productionón.


I'm the one, Xabier Artesanal,

01 Jun, 2020