"Muebles de diseño y piezas de interiorismo únicas. La madera es la protagonista"
Naturaleza y diseño
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Av. Estación Nueva, 3 3º B 44200 Calamocha Teruel


WoodMad starts ó as a simple hobby creating furniture to meet personal needs. The hobby of #243; if it were to become a company officially, only a few months ago, in the middle of the #241 a&<3> <4>; or 2019.

The idea of this project is to offer design furnitureño and exclusive #243 decoration pieces, respecting the wood itself that is obviously the protagonist.


This business is to create artíinterior design as an art form. Wood runs the project, we're #243; we have to understand it


Thirling to know how to convey to anyone who acquires a piece of WoodMad the exclusive value that ésta possesses, our respect for the precious material of wood and to the process of creating #243;n.


Currently formed sólo by a person, Ángel.

Ángel is the soul, #243 heart and engine of this company.